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Subject: Metroid Prime Preview

If ever there was single game which gave reason to owning a Nintendo Gamecube, this would be it!. The folks over at GameSpy have a preview of the upcoming NGC title Metroid Prime. That's right folks, Samus is back and ready to kick some more Metroid tail:

The action takes place in a universe far removed from our own. Space pirates tear apart a laboratory on a planet known only as SR 388, and smuggle out a strange lifeform called "Metroid." Later on, they rub their mandibles with glee as they realize this creature holds massive destructive powers, so they attempt to harness them. The understandably concerned federation of the galaxy finds out about these machinations, very soon after their most important planet, Zebes, is attacked. Fending off the pirates, the feds quickly employ the services of Samus Aran, a female bounty hunter, with a vast array of topnotch weaponry, and a fabulous jumping animation. She kicks considerable amounts of space pirate ass, and beats down the pirate Mother Brain, but the pirate lieutenants escape with the Metroid, speed off from Zebes, and ready themselves for a game sequel.
You can also check out the 10 new screenshots they have posted at the end of the article. Good stuff for sure, can't wait for this title to hit stores.
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