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Are you humming the Indiana Jones theme song right now? Are your friends/family/pets looking at you weird? Then you want to check out this game! LucasArts, makers of the ever popular JK2, announced their creation of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. Here's what this new game features courtesy of GameSpot:

The new game will feature the whip-cracking archeologist hero Indiana Jones, who must explore 10 different levels that represent areas from all over the world, including an ancient European castle and a secluded fortress in China. In the game, Indy must recover an ancient and powerful artifact--a black pearl known as the Heart of the Dragon--before a German mercenary and a secret criminal society can get to it. He'll begin his adventures in modern-day China, but he'll travel the globe with the help of Mei Ying, a female character who works with Indy's employer. In his travels, he'll be able to use both a pistol and his whip, but he'll also be able to engage his enemies in close combat using the game's new brawling system, which will put more emphasis on hand-to-hand fighting and will also let Indy pick up items, such as chairs and table legs, to use as weapons.
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