Day Of Defeat Beat 2.1 Is Out!

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Subject: Day Of Defeat Beat 2.1 Is Out!

Hey WWII era mod fanatics! Guess what's out? Dude, you cheated, you read the subject. Well ya, DOD 2.1 is out and ready for you to download and play all day long, leaving you dog chained up, hungry, thirsty, dying for attention. Here's the changelist you sick, sick people.

  • added dod_koln
  • added dod_cherbourg
  • many map tweaks and fixes
  • reduction in texture usage in maps
  • reduced kar accuracy
  • grenadier down to 3 grenades
  • increased garand damage
  • reduced garand recoil
  • reduced grenade damage
  • increased grenade throwing time
  • decreased MG accuracy
  • increased sniper rifle damage
  • fixed sniper sway
  • fixed MG overheating speed
  • improved HLTV support - shows flags, objects, grenades,
  • death messages and scoreboard!
  • optimized netcode
  • fixed lag on map start bug (VModEnable bug)
  • fixed cheats / exploits
  • 'sharp' crosshair, includes alternate coloured crosshair
  • removed ability to 'water snipe'
  • The downloads you ask? They are on FilePlanet of course until Squirre1 and Co. get them ready for loveable leeching.
  • Win32 Day of Defeat Beta 2.0 - 2.1 Patch
  • Win32 Day of Defeat Full 2.1 Install

  • Linux Day of Defeat Beta 2.0 - 2.1 Patch
  • Linux Day of Defeat Full 2.1 Install
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