The Sum of All Fears

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Subject: The Sum of All Fears

Based on the Ghost Recon engine, The Sum of All Fears is merely the latest title in the legacy Red Storm began with Rainbow Six. (Although this title is technically its own franchise, it fits perfectly within Red Storm's family of tactical shooters). Combining tense close-quarters battle (CQB), a lethal and unforgiving damage model, plausible political agendas and the latest in military hardware (of the small arms sort at least), The Sum of All Fears is yet another challenge to the rocket-jumping Quake-hounds and double-fisted pistol bunnies of Unreal.

More goodness from PC Games. Get lots more from the full article, inlcuding new screenshots. The Sum of All Fears is due out at the end of May to coincide with the film's release.

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