Creative/3DLabs Merger Approved

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Subject: Creative/3DLabs Merger Approved

3DLabs shareholders approved the proposed acquisition of the company by Creative Technology (makers of the SoundBlaster & 3D Blaster line of multimedia PC products) in a vote that took place on May 9, 2002 in Bermuda. The Company also announced that the Supreme Court of Bermuda had granted a final order approving the scheme of arrangement by which 3Dlabs will be acquired by Creative. Creative will acquire all of 3Dlabs' outstanding shares and 3Dlabs will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative. 3Dlabs shareholders will receive U.S. $1.20 per share, plus stock equal to 0.205 of an ordinary share of Creative. This whole shooting match should be completed by the end of the week, according to both companies.
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