Dungeon Siege The Benchmark?

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Dungeon Siege The Benchmark?

Looking for a different way to stress test the 'ol computer? Well, the folks at Gas Powered Games have been working with the editors at ExtremeTech to develop a Dungeon Siege Benchmark (*NOTE* The benchmark requires you have Dungeon Siege already installed, it is not a stand alone product) program to test your computer and video card. Here's the word:

Microsoft today announced that ExtremeTech, the technology enthusiast's web site launched last year by Ziff Davis Media, will use the critically acclaimed action fantasy game Dungeon Siege as a key part of their benchmark suite to test the performance of the computer systems, processors, and graphics cards they review.

Dungeon Siege's unique architecture allows testing of a broad range of resources on nearly any PC system available today. The benchmark is a non-interactive demo in which the character runs through various aspects of the world. Dungeon Siege's "continuous world" technology incorporates resources from CPU, memory, and graphics during gameplay, making it a superb all-around system test for benchmarking standards.
Push them frames like 'ya just don't care.

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