Announcing Soldiers of Anarchy

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Subject: Announcing Soldiers of Anarchy

A glimpse of our post apocalyptic future as Simon & Schuster sees it will be released this fall. Since the game is set in the year 2013 with the apocalypse happening some ten yeas before that, let's just hope life does not actually imitate art. Soldiers of Anarchy is the story of humanity's struggle to be freed from the bonds of "new oppressors."

This real-time squad-based tactical strategy incorporates a nonlinear campaign where choices affect outcome, a slew of controllable vehicles, a packed in editor, and single and multiplayer gaming. But what is probably most promising is the fact that the engine boasts dynamic weather, day and night play, interactive environments, and still more graphical niceties that may enhance play.

No screenshots have yet been released, but the material that is available assures that the game will be available either in September or October of this year.

Expect more at the forthcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo.
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