The Gangs of GTA III

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Subject: The Gangs of GTA III

Even since the first Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar's urban-action game has featured the use of humorous, reactive gangs, which add interesting AI and depth to the game. In today's feature we focus in on the gangs, and the weapons that they, and you, can use.

IGN: How does the role of the gangs differ from Grand Theft Auto II to Grand Theft Auto III?

Adam Davidson: The gangs play a far more integral role in the game in regards to the storyline. In GTA2 the jobs offered by the gangs did little to effect the environment and circumstances the player was involved in. In Grand Theft Auto III, you are not only interacting with the gangs as a unit, but instead with the individuals within the gang structure. Your dealings with them have the potential to not only effect the city you live in, but at times taking a certain job could close a door you previously felt was open. Much like real life, the bridges you have may be burned as a consequence of your actions.
For the rest of the story, as well as some sweet new screen shots, visit PC Games.

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