Sierra Announces Empire Earth Expansion

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Subject: Sierra Announces Empire Earth Expansion

Sierra on Thursday announced the development of its first expansion for Empire Earth. In development at Mad Doc Software and due in stores this fall, Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest expands the scope of the real-time strategy game into the future - allowing for planetary conquest. The add-on offers a new Space Age Epoch that covers the time period from 2200 to 2300 A.D. and adds three new single-player campaigns, unique units, buildings and special powers.

Art of Conquest includes three new single-player campaigns set in ancient Rome, the Pacific Theater and Asia in the 24th century. Each of the 21 pre-designed civilizations in the game also gains a unique special power, building or unit. One example is the Kingdom of Italy's Metallurgy power - which allows them to pay building costs with gold or iron interchangeably. Great Britain's S.A.S. unit will be able to plant demolitions and swim across water, while the United States' market building will allow that civilization to trade abundant resources for scarce ones.
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