Gun Metal Preview/Interview

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Subject: Gun Metal Preview/Interview

Like to see giant robots stomping and flying around destroying everything in sight? Well, then catch HomeLan's interview with Rage Software about their upcoming XBox Title "Gun Metal". A snippet:

HomeLAN - Obviously Gun Metal takes at least some inspirations from Japanese anima that feature giant mecha. What are some of the development team's favorite movies and TV shows in this genre?

Phil Wilson - The ability to turn into a jet fighter was obviously inspired by Japanese anime such as Robotech & Macross. Manga such as the Gundam series is filled with adrenalin pumping battle sequences where powerful, transforming mecha go up against conventional armies. Our vision has always been to bring the same engaging themes to the Xbox.
Just from the included sceenshots, this looks as if it could be a pretty impressive game. You can find more screenshots at Rage Software's homepage.

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