IGI 2 update

Posters Name: Anthos
Posters Email: anthos@mwgl.org
Subject: IGI 2 update

Innerloop officially announced that IGI 2 is being delayed until September. The main reasons for the delay are that Innerloop want to 'ensure the Beta Test process is handled professionally and effectively' and there seems to be some problems with the netcode.

"As you know, the Beta Test has been delayed due to work on the netcode not being complete. Developing a high-quality FPS multiplayer experience is a real challenge, but one the dev team at Innerloop has taken on with a vengeance! They’ve been working flat out on the code, but some QA issues, mainly with server code, have held us back."

IGI 2 was supposed to be released next month, but this delay hopefully will ensure a better gaming experience all round.
Source: PC-Gaming.com (http://www.pc-gaming.com/)

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