Top 10 Games of 2002

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Subject: Top 10 Games of 2002

News: has released their list of the most anticipated games for 2002. And, aside from the racing games (racing games are for lame gamers who should stick to their consoles, RTS and FPS games are for hardcore players), I found their list pretty much in accords with my wants and needs for 2002. Check out the full story at Top 10 Games.

Their list breaks down as follows:

10. Master of Orion 3
9. Warcraft 3
8. Age of Mythology
7. Pro Race Driver
6. Unreal 2
5. City of Heroes
4. Republic: The Revolution
3. Freelancer
2. Star Wars Galaxies

And, in the number 1 slot -- Neverwinter Nights
It looks like this year will shape up to be one kick-ass gaming year.
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