GameCube Joins The Cutback League

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Subject: GameCube Joins The Cutback League

It's amazing what a company will do when their other two major competitors decide to drop THEIR systems down to $199. You go from "We will not be lowering our prices" to "Now only $149!". I've always wondered if cases like these are becuase of one hand not knowing what the other is planning or they just don't wanna leak the news too soon (i.e. milk the customer for as much extra cash as possible). Either way, what I'm hinting at is that according to this article on CNN, Nintendo of America will be cutting the price on a brand spankin' new GameCube to just $149. You gotta love console pricewars, who knew it'd be a good thing for the consumer. Word:

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Nintendo of America announced Monday it will cut the price of its GameCube video game system by $50 to $149, the latest shot in the ongoing console war that includes Sony's PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox.

Nintendo's new price, effective Tuesday, followed drops last week in the consumer cost of its two rival systems. PlayStation 2 and Xbox were both selling for $299 before separate announcements that the companies were reducing the prices to $199.
Now if they could only get some more worthwhile titles for the system (i.e. Hurry up with Metroid!).

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