Krogue needs 4 different presents for Christmas

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Subject: Krogue needs 4 different presents for Christmas

For those of you that are already planning on what you are getting me for Christmas, here are the top four on my wishlist.

1. Warcraft 3 (with the Human Warrior on the front)
2. Warcraft 3 (with the Night Elf Warrior on the front)
3. Warcraft 3 (with the Orc Warrior on the front)
4. Warcraft 3 (with the Undead Warrior on the front)
Are you seeing a pattern here? Information released today at included a notice that Blizzard Entertainment would be releasing four different and distinct box covers for the initial release of Warcraft 3. Designed and drawn by Blizzard artists, the boxes will include a picture of a warrior from each race on the individual boxes. You can check out the full story and pictures of the boxes here.
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