Navy Seals Update

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Subject: Navy Seals Update

Navy Seals, the military simulator for Quake III Arena, has released beta v1.1 today. BUT, it doesn't come without a few problems. If you downloaded the beta today, you might want to revisit the site and grab the pak4 patch and place it in your /seals directory. If you weren't paying attention and didn't grab the beta v1.1, then I recommend waiting till Thursday (30 May) and picking up the fixed beta file. It wieghs in at 206 MB. Click "Read more..." to get some of the new features added in this release.

Full Story:

-fixed memory issues
-lag compensation and bullet prediction
-new hit detection system( bullets can fly by next to your ear )
-new heckler & koch psg-1 model
-new psg-1 skin
-new mac-10
-new tango desert skin
-new head-gear for both teams
-new sniperscope
-prevented "speed whoring"
-*bandage* added to team messages while bandaging
-all weaponmodels have been reworked for much less memory usage
-optimized code that allows for higher fps
-a lot of new CW Features ( see commmands.txt )
-improved bot ai
-improved cheat protection
-slightly improved some gun animations
-balanced grenadelauncher ( increased minrange for detonatition, reduced radius, reduces velocity )
-changed flashbang timer from 3,4,5secs to 3,2,1secs
-added weapon switch time based on tech skill
-reduced the grenade-throw range
-added grenade chain explosion to stop grenade spamming
-fixed "grenades inflicting damage through walls"
and more than 80 code fixes and various model fixes.


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