Matrix MOD beta2.0 for UT Released

Posters Name: Squirre1
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Subject: Matrix MOD beta2.0 for UT Released

The incredibly-fun mutator MatrixMoves has just been updated to version 2.0. Here is the list of additions:

-Four moves: Vertical Wallrun/Backflip, Frontflip/Backflip, Matrix Jump and Freeze.
-Dynamic playerclass support using special pluginpackages. Beta 2 has plugins to support UT Bonuspack player classes and the Rumiko player class.
-MM plugin document for making additional pluginpackages for unsupported player classes.
-Menu for configuring the mutator
-Option to use MatrixMoves gametype and serverbrowser to help find MatrixMoves games on the Internet

I can't wait to get at this one... oooohh boy! You can grab more information from the Reactor4 site, and trust me, it's worth the download, especially if you didn't have the first release!

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