Lack of support sends Strike Force over to Tribes

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Subject: Lack of support sends Strike Force over to Tribes

The Strike Force team has posted a few items about the port to the Tribes2 engine and the latest post (as of this moment) is as follows.

The team has also decided to continue work on Strike Force for UT! Why? Because they want to make the public happy regardless of the lack of support. Here is the current plan.

- We will be redoing all the guns, skins and animations.... new arms and hands will be included.
- We will be fixing the current code so it works without having to change anything with UT.
- We will be working on all new in game sounds and music.
- We will get the bots working correctly and using all guns.

I have brought on a new model person that does commercial work. He is also the manager of 25 animators. They will be working on the new player models for Strike Force and doing motion capture for them if this is possible, not sure about it yet though.

Strike Force will push forward with Tribes 2 but will continue to be made for UT as well. So smile! =)
The Strike Force news page has all the info.

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