Goldeneye MOD Issues

Posters Name: Squirre1
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Subject: Goldeneye MOD Issues

The Goldeneye MOD Team has been getting alot of email lately on a problem that some users of their MOD have been experiencing, here's the info:

We've been getting tons of mail about an error which goes something like:
"Could not load library C:SierraHalf-LifeGoldeneyecl_dllsclient.dll"

This is caused by one of three things:

- Your version of Half-Life is out of date. You can download the newest version at FilePlanet.
- Your version of Goldeneye is out of date. The most current version is Beta 1.5 and can be found on the Files Page.
- You did not delete your old Goldeneye folder before installing Beta 1.5. Go to your Half-Life root folder (usually c:sierrahalf-life) and delete the "goldeneye" folder, then reinstall Goldeneye 1.5.

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