SWAT 3 Updated info

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Subject: SWAT 3 Updated info

Rod Fung, of Sierra Studios, posted a message on the Official SWAT 3 Message Board with a clarification on the story we posted earlier about the SWAT 3: Battle Plan being canceled. Here is what he had to say:

It's amazing how the wrong info can be spread so quickly.

Here is whats really happening. SWAT 3 Elite Edition is the same as Battle Plan...just a name change to better suit the product.You will be able to download the multiplayer upgrade, as well as the SWAT tool kit via the net for free (to those that currently own SWAT 3 CQB). additional levels will be avaialbe as well. It’s that simple.

A new boxed verion of the game (called Elite Edition) will be availabe as well which includes the original game, the MP upgrade, all the mod tools and new levels.

Hope this clears this up.

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