RA:UT 1.42 Release

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: RA:UT 1.42 Release

Rocket Arena 1.42 has been released with a couple bug fixes. Mongo from RA:UT had to say:

The major bug was that as I was trying to fix the problems of the wrong team occasionally winning, I made it so the blue team ALWAYS wins, which is admittedly much worse than the problem I was trying to fix. Anyways, this has been amended in 1.42. It was that bug that prompted me to release 1.42. In addition, I included one small client fix since it was convenient, where the wrong menu would stay on the screen as you scrolled in to and out of clan arenas.
You can download the RA:UT Full Version(14.8 MB) or RA:UT 1.42 Patch(180 KB) from my affiliate UnrealCenter.

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