Invasion MOD for AvP

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Subject: Invasion MOD for AvP

Well, they released the source and MODs are allready in the works. Someone named Scorpion started out creating a CTF MOD but he says that was to outdated, so I will let him describe what the MOD will be like:

The mod will have different game types, the first one is Invasion, where Marines' base is invaded by Aliens and they are trying to stop them from escaping. Predator will be also involved. There will be new maps, textures and sounds. The first map is already in progress. We basically just started and are looking for people to help us creating a mod for the scarries FPS game out there. I would like to ask you to post about the mod on your site in News section. You may use this e-mail to contact me: and my ICQ number is 3027741. We are looking for Texture Artists, Mappers, Coders, Skinners, Web Page Creators and anyone else who wants to be involved.
So if you think you have anything that you can offer to the project, send them a email at

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