New Qoole release

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Subject: New Qoole release

For those of you who use Qoole, a utility to make maps for FPS games, they have just released version 0.99. It currently has support for the following games: Quake, Quake II, Hexen II, Half-Life, Sin, and Heretic II. They plan to add support for: Blood II, Shogo, and Unreal.

Added features and fixes in this release are:

- program: Now the output bar shows what Qoole is doing
- program: The output bar will not flicker as it did before
- program: Fixed bug when switching from Solid or Textured to Wireframe in OpenGL mode
- program: Now the prefab view will use the driver selected in the Preferences instead of just forcing the MGL driver
- program: Fixed bug in the OpenGL DLL, fixed problem of triangles not being rendered due to wrong normals
- program: Now Qoole draws the models of the entities in walkthrough mode and when using the preview view. Before it just drew the bounding boxes
- program: Better paste code
- program: Fixed bug when loading Glide DLL
- ent set: Updated Half-Life ent set
- ent set: Updated Opposing Force for Half-Life ent set
- ent set: Updated SiN ent set
Go check out the website or download the application and get started making maps of your own.

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