Alliance 1.2 released for Q3a

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Subject: Alliance 1.2 released for Q3a

Alliance Games has released another update to its Quake 3 Arena MOD. In the Alliance 1.2 you will find some new additions and fixes which are listed below:

- Grapple damage removed - it won't open doors anymore
- Increased damage required for grapple to release from 10 to 100
- removed auto re-fire on grapple
- if g_teamAutoJoin, teams will be re-mixed based on scores after each map
- instagib mode added - (see instagib_ctf.cfg and instagib_dm.cfg)
- rune fx changed
- kills were added twice - fixed
- stats not reseting at match start - fixed
- no rails/shotgun for bots in combat mode
- can give team orders on a dedicated server in the menus
- added colored motd.txt for server ops
- altered lightning gun effects
- tweaked run/player shell effects

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