Another UT patch is in the works

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Subject: Another UT patch is in the works

With Unreal Tournaments recent release of the 4.25 causing some minor problems with reading CDs, they have put together patch version 4.28. This patch should be released shortly and will include the fixes listed below:

- fixed 425's D3D problems
- improved client prediction of other players on slopes
- fixed 'killall bot' working on servers even if not admin
- fixed Unrealed2 problems with DirectInput (by disabling DirectInput when using Unrealed2)
- fixed picked up weapons occasionally looping firing anim
- fixed another case where server would keep sending data to client after disconnect
- fixed Unrealed2 mesh viewer problem
- fixed Owner being passed to new actor in Mutator.ReplaceWith()
- fixed creeping ping problem with Win2K. - fix for occasional accidental port changes on servers using NGStats

If all goes over well why they are testing it over the next couple of days, they will release the full patch as well as a server only.

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