Unloaded 1.02 beta for UT

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: Unloaded 1.02 beta for UT

Outhouse Productions has released Beta 102 of Unloaded, which fixes a bunch of bugs and adds some changes from the original version of Unloaded. Here's the list of the fixes and changes:


Fixed Hand Cannon Glazier rounds.
Fixed Hand Cannon Ammo problems.
Fixed HUD.
Fixed Various map issues.
Fixed Grenade Launcher proximity grenades.
Fixed Various other weapon issues.
Fixed Blood effects.
Fixed Various menu issues.
Fixed Various Powerarmor issues.
Fixed End Credits.
Changed Blood pools to decals.
Added Power Armor.
Added Variable Armor.
Added Can of woop ass.
Changed Camera options to Global config, they are nows aved in the ulUser.ini.
Added Beam Cannon.
Added Save Menu.
Added Load Menu.
Removed Keyboard menu, bindings can be done in advanced options.
Removed Handedness option(does not apply to ul).
Removed Weapon priority menu.
Added A Particle System.
Added Updated Maps with Particle Effects.
Stop on over at the Unloaded WebSite and Download it.

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