Android Bot Alpha 2 for HL:CS

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Subject: Android Bot Alpha 2 for HL:CS

The makers of Android Bot have release Alpha 2 for Half-Life Counter-Strike. Here is a little snip about the new release:

The current version of the bot is alpha 2. The supported maps in this version are de_dust, de_cbble and de_aztec. The bot currently randomly walks through the level shooting at enemys. It already uses human-like viewmovement to aim it's view and buys random weapons with the money it has.
Some of the fixes and additions for this release are:

- bug fixed where bots would get a random amount of frags/deaths upon joining
- bug fixed where bots would sit on their spawnpoints and do nothing if mp_roundtime was lower than 3
- support for two new maps: de_cbble and de_aztec
- dedicated server support through the commands sv_addbot and sv_removebot
- addbot and removebot commands improved (you can specify a name for the bot now, remove bots from a specific team, and only the host of the game can issue these commands now)
- bots get upset if you plant the bomb and no-one in their team can defuse it
- bot skill levels tweaked
- better wall evading code
- bot aiming improved, the bots understand weapon-recoil now
- primitive bot hearing implemented. bots react to sounds made by potentially visible enemies
- jump waypoints implemented
- new waypoint system implemented. waypoints are divided into zones.
- numerous other small bug fixes

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