Freeze Tag 1.35 for Q3a

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Subject: Freeze Tag 1.35 for Q3a

Freeze Tag version 1.35 has been released. Here is the info on this MOD:

In Freeze the goal is not to capture any flag, but rather, save your teammates and at the same time waste the enemy. Actually it's save the frozen teammates, follow any teammate group attack, keep the enemy away from their frozen fallen, and try to kill them at the same time. And make sure you don't die.

The main point of Freeze Tag is to eliminate the entire enemy team by freezing all of them, and thus score a point for your team.

If you're killed then you'll freeze and you won't be able to respawn like in normal deathmatch. This is a lot like certain realistic mods out there that take you out until next round. However in Freeze Tag you can get back into the game if a teammate stands by your frozen body for THREE seconds, then you'll thaw and can join in again (without waiting for the round to end). Frozen players will have a white cross-out on their face if you look at the scoreboard.

While frozen you can chasecam the other players. Or use the third-person view (Provided autoexec.cfg macro sets this all up easily). If you want more freedom, from the main menu pick team spectator. You'll now be in free.

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