Character Planner 2.0 for DiabloII

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Subject: Character Planner 2.0 for DiabloII

This is a cool utility that helps you plan the progression of your character in Diablo II. It allows you to take away and add points to skills in a nice little interface to help you determine which will be the best path for you to take. Here are the fixes and enhancements in this new release:

- Escape Key now exits the current window to the previous. If on the character selection, escape exits the program
- All Character Skill information included for all skill levels. (Note that this is STILL subject to change)
- Added Book Of Skill Quest point
- Added Izual Quest points
- All Skill images have been updated to in-game images
- Fixed positioning of trees, tree arrows and highlight box
- Random Character Generator added
- Updated skill mouse-over information

You can download the new version here.

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