Alliance Update 1.3 for Q3a

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Subject: Alliance Update 1.3 for Q3a

The Quake 3 Alliance Games MOD has gone to version 1.3. The fixes for this release are:

- Fixed runes disappearing in match mode bug
- Fixed weapons stay so dropped weapons can always be picked up and give default ammo amounts
- Prevent players from dropping ammo near a weapon to eliminate a weapons stay cheat
- Got rid of drop weapon command because it was causing other bugs (nobody used it anyway)
- rune/player effects have been made more subtle
- slightly reduced resist power
- added g_crockMode for single hit shotgun in Combat
- gave the bots back the shotgun and railgun in Combat; g_botInstantWeapons 0 will take them away if desired
- eliminated grapple release from damage in Combat
- included new server configs for Combat
They apologized for this release so close to the last, but they said there were some gameplay issues they had to take care of.

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