Pwrweapons 3.0 released for Q3

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Subject: Pwrweapons 3.0 released for Q3

NoESCape has released PwrWeapons 3.0. The nice list of changes for this server side MOD are:

- M4TT5T3R's chat protect code (can not be harmed while chatting)
- Ace's instant respawn code (just hold down the attack button when killed (this will bypass the death sceen))
- Coded in Anti-gravity boots tut from code3arena
- Even more speed to the grapple (now it don't seem so slow in big maps)
- Cvar to ban slugs (i have no idea why it was left out in the first place)
- Raise the max yellow armor to 200
- Revised world weapon and ammo to respawn with set amounts of ammo
- Revised start weapons ammo supply
- Took away splash damage for rockets and sped them up abit
- Slowed down plasma fire and increased radius damage
Man, it has just been release after relase lately. You can check out more and download this release from there website.

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