New Character Class for HL:CS

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Subject: New Character Class for HL:CS

There is some news from the guys over at Catacombs about the new Commander Class/BOT, they received this information in a reply to an email that was earlier sent to Valve.

This is what Valve had to say:

"Our next release is slated for early September. It will contain some very cool new maps, some new functionality and other bits.

Also coming in September are new player models. More on that later. The new class I think you're referencing has actually been dropped because it just wasn't as much fun to play as we originally hoped. Instead, we are implementing something we've dubbed the Commander Bot (working title). To players, it's like an automatic Coach class that gives you suggestions and information about your team's needs. So, for example, you might join a game and be informed that your team really needs some more HWGuys on defense, etc. The specific timing for release on this is still TBA."
This will be a nice addition to TFC and I think it will make a nice change.

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