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Subject: News from Intel

Well for all of you who do not keep a keen eye out on the Intel site I have listed a few tidbits of news and links you may be interested in.

Intel announces AGP8x Specifications. In this article Intel tells us AGP8x will have a 32bit bus, have a speed of 533MHz, and support a data rate of 2GBs a second. ATI, Matrox, and NVidia have been brought in to evaluate the new technology.

Industry Leaders Form Open Source Development Lab for Linux Well as Rockhound always knew the giants of industry are going to have to look to Linux and a major player in software. The lab will provide open source developers with a centralized enterprise development environment for sharing development ideas and innovations.

Net-Burst Architecture in the P4 Intel says the new technology will geatly enhance the ways PCs run. some features mentioned in the article are: Rapid ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) the new ALU is twice as fast as the core clock! 400MHz system Bus! And Level2 Cache which delivers 48GB per second!
Well, I'll keep ya posted about any more Intel news I see. Next time I'll try doing it one at a time.

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