Technology nEws you can usE ... maybe?

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Subject: Technology nEws you can usE ... maybe?

I'm gonna do a little tidbit about Tech news, which may not exactly go along with this sites' main focus - multiplayer gamers and the games they play - which I feel may be interesting to us or show a glance of the future (which ... is interesting). I'll not include boring news about Unions Getting Online or Online Shopping Site Ordered to Pay or Volvo's New Crash Alert System. There will be no crap stories in my "nEws you can usE" section. I'll keep it small and try to put it out once a week. But I will not fill it with fluff (of course there is a "Post a Comment" link above the postings so let me have it).
On with the nEws you can usE.
Game Software Used to Treat Cancer Patients.

Their Take: Virtual reality software helps children and adults cope with pain and anxiety problems.
My Take: Bring these kids to game day and let them watch a teammate shoot you in the back ... TargetPractice, RockHound ... thats pain! Anxiety ... Watch as 75 Frankish knights (Mizzouri) mow over your 5 beloved castles and position themselves to kill your king, as your allies busy themselves with a wolf eating their villagers! That is anxiety!
Philips Creates Plastic Computer Screen
Their Take: One day we'll be able to have floppy plastic electonric newspapers.
My Take: One day we could have blowup dolls which I can donwload images for! .. OR .. A monitor the size of my living room wall which I can take to gameday in my pocket!
Sega FINALLY Launches Dreamcast Network
Their Take: The niche market of online mutilplayer computer gamers have gotten a leg up. Dreamcast is offering a high-speed narrow band games only connection to other gamers.
My Take: Well, like Ultima Online ..UO.. (the first massive multi-player online game other than bbs games), the first console system will face, or more likely get hit in the face, the challenges which will help define the industry. With Microsoft's X-Box, PlayStation2, and Nintendo Cube all coming out next year this market is no doubt going to open up. But, just like UO, players are gonna love it and hate it and its gona be a bumby ride; atleast we're moving.
Well that is the first section of "nEws you can usE", take it however you want.

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