New Version Of Titanium For Q3

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Subject: New Version Of Titanium For Q3

Reactive Software has released a new version of Titanium, a MechWarrior style MOD for Quake 3. As they say in this quote, "Strap yourself into a five hundred pound armored battlesuit, wielding a vicious array of deadly weaponry and combat gear. Then get ready to rumble". Some of the new features in this 1.0b release are:

  • 8 new maps, bringing the total to 5 dm and 5 ctf
  • 3 new suit models, bringing the total to 6
  • Entirely new hud design
  • Tweaks to many of the existing weapons and subsystems
  • Improvements to the user interface
  • Many, many additions and enhancements to version 1.0b
  • If you are a MechWarrior fan and a Quake 3 fan, this is a great merger of the 2

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