GeForce Tweaking Utility 1.0 Released

Posters Name: Squirre1
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Subject: GeForce Tweaking Utility 1.0 Released

The people that have GeForce video cards will like this litte utility. It has finally made it from beta into a final release of 1.0. It will help you squeeze every frame out of your GeForce possible. In this release you will find:

  • Got some info on the "MaxNVAccel"-beta option, renamed it and placed it in the
  • OpenGL options. (W9x)
  • Removed a bug in the "Undo changes" button (W9x)
  • "Enable fast copy pixels" (W2k & W9x)
  • Enable hardware tweaking menu" (W2k)
  • Enable dynamic Antialiasing" (W9x)
  • Antialias dynamic FPS" (W9x)
  • 29 !! new, interesting beta options! (W9x)
  • The GTU works with Windows ME! (again)
  • You can get all the information about the utility and download the new version here.

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