Next Unreal Engine To Use T&L

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Subject: Next Unreal Engine To Use T&L

The next Unreal engine, that will be used for Unreal II, will include support for transform & lighting and other GeForce features. Here is a snip of what they had to say:

Prior to this announcement, Epic Games had already begun targeting major new Unreal Engine features for NVIDIA's GeForce 256 and GeForce2 GTS(TM). One such example is the engine's new high-polygon, large-scale terrain system. This feature specifically exploits the hardware transform and lighting features of the NVIDIA GeForce family of GPUs. Several additional features are planned that line up strategically with current and future NVIDIA 3D graphics processors. As part of their efforts to work more closely together, NVIDIA will provide Epic with early versions of new hardware and drivers, as well as extensive testing of those drivers with existing Unreal Engine products and new unreleased versions of the engine. To facilitate this, the agreement calls for regular technical reviews and exchanges between the two companies, so that each one has a clear understanding of the inner workings of the other's software and hardware technology.
Sorry 3Dfx but it looks like the Voodoo is not the card of choice any more. You can read the full article here.

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