Deus Fortress Announced

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Subject: Deus Fortress Announced

Deus Fortress was officially announced this weekend in an email that Fortress Center posted this weekend.

Hello Team Fortress and Deus Ex friends,

Deus Fortress Productions would like to offically announce Deus Fortress to both of the greatest gaming communities of all time - Deus Ex and Team Fortress.

Deus Ex is the latest game to have the ideals and gameplay of Team Fortress added into it. Deus Fortress will be that result. Deus Fortress promises new classes, new weapons and new features which will expand Team Fortress's lifespan and the boundries of what TF can and will be in the future.

Comming out at the same time as our launch are a couple conceptual sketches from the DFP's sketchbook.

Our website is at and we have a forum and chat room so you can easilly talk to us. This is the TF fan's mod. This is the DX fan's mod.


This is yet just another adaptation of the awesome Team Fortress MOD.

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