Duke Nukem Forever For X-Box

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Subject: Duke Nukem Forever For X-Box

As it says on a post from the MSXBox Site, Duke Nukem Forever is just one of the many releases that are charted for the X-Box. Here is a little snip of the article:

"According to CTW Trade Mag, 3D Realms has confirmed earlier this week that the much delayed Duke Nukem Forever will be coming to Microsoft's Xbox Console. Ongoing comments by co-owners Scott Miller and George Broussard have indicated their strong interest in Xbox development in the past. This announcement may help them increase the potential of this popular franchise.

Update - Thanks to Steve for sending word from 3D Realm's Scott Miller that he hasn't actually confirmed development, but is only interested at this point. CTW was mistaken in jumping the gun, and we bit the bullet."
You can view the whole article here.

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