Fatality Beats Lakerman At WCGC

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: Fatality Beats Lakerman At WCGC

Fatality defeats Lakerman 13-5 on q3tourney2 to take 1st at the World Cyber Games Challenge. Winning at this event put another $25,000 in his pocket. You can download the demos of the final match below, and here are the top 4 finishers:

1st. Fatality - $25,000
2nd. Lakerman - $15,000
3rd. ZeRo4 - $6,000
4th. e9-trinidy - $4,000

Final Demos
  • Fatality vs Lakerman (POV: Fatality) -- Q3Tourney2
  • Lakerman vs Fatality (POV: Lakerman) -- Q3tourney2
  • Congrats go out to Fataility, Lakerman, ZeRo4, and e9-trinidy.

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