Urban Terror Beta 1.2 Released

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: Urban Terror Beta 1.2 Released

Finally, a new version of Urban Terror for Quake 3 Arena has been released. This new release has alot of changes. Here is a list of changes and added features:

- Completely rewrote the recoil system
- All hits are now reported properly (leg shots now work)
- Models now locked to Urban Terror only models
- Hand models no longer get tossed onto the ground when you die
- Ghosts can no longer open doors
- Made warmup timer flash red and yellow while counting down
- Dead players can no longer talk to alive players in team games
- Dead players and spec players now have it indicated in their name
- Removed triangles above teammates heads
- Removed talk bubbles above talking players heads
- Only 2 primary weapons can be picked up now
- Implemented a 'drop' command
- Weapon selection now shows the weapon icon instead of the text
- Ghosts can now cycle though the alive players using the fire button
- Gun now dissapears and reappears correctly on ledgeclimb
- Kevlar now becomes less effective the more it is shot
- Now shows the text "bandaging" on the screen while bandaging
Download and check out the new release and a comment in the comments about it while you are at it. You can download this release in many different flavors: full, update, and with or without bots.

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