WFA 2.0 For Q3 To Be Released Sat.

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Subject: WFA 2.0 For Q3 To Be Released Sat.

With a Weapons Factory Arena wire coming down the pipe, they say version 2.0 will be released this Saturday. Here is the message:

A lot of testing has gone on as the testing servers were packed almost every night. Testers have been trying out the new spraypaint logo technology. Users can spray custom decals on the walls of WFA maps now ala Half Life. If your WFA clan wants a logo included, submit your 32x32 graphic logo before Thursday. We also are introducing 150+ wav Taunt wav files to compliment the team oriented wav files. These are kickass clips from your favorite movies and TV characters. If you find them distracting, you can mute these out easily. Bot protection has been included in the latest version, so hopefully that will quell the cries of "bot" on the public servers.

Most importantly, many new maps are being added, and we were very critical and thoroughly tested all new map submissions, and also took time to re-evaluate all the official Maps in WFA. Many were found lacking and have been cut. The 16 maps (8 new official maps!) that are released with WFA 2.0 are very high quality maps, much better than the first generation maps (some of which have been retired, thankfully). So, it will be necessary to upgrade to 2.0 as soon as possible. Don't worry, its been through rigorous testing and 8 beta versions. I want to thank the WFA Mapping Committee and all the beta testers that have made WFA 2.0 the best it can be. To get a sneak peek of the new maps, visit

There are tons of new graphics tweaks, like turret 'nades that are team colored, a new less laggy hyperblaster effect, and a new weapon for the engineer. This rail-like weapon repairs teammates armor and when used against the enemy, its armor piercing properties take off 20 health per shot. The weapons in WFA v2.0 overall do more damage. So the carnage is even more visceral. The HUD is still 100% customizable in WFA, and there are tons of other choices you can make, like turning off smoke trails on rockets to turning off mega chaingun trails.
Man that was hell of a news post. Sorry for running it so long.

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