Q3F Beta 1F Targeted For 10/28

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: Q3F Beta 1F Targeted For 10/28

Quake 3 Fortress beta 1F is slated to be released this Saturday. Here is a little bit of information on what will be in this release:

  • Five new original maps; The Causeway, SpamTech, Last Resort, GotDuck and King of the Castle
  • Completely new menu graphics, animations and music
  • Various new special effects such as new HE Charge, Pulse Grenade, Flamethrower and explosions plus lots of new miscellaneous artwork (plus controls for people to turn these features off for lower spec systems)
  • Over fifty gameplay tweaks and bugs fixed. Gameplay especialy has been the main focus for our playtesting team, who have analysed every aspect of the game's class and weapon balance. This was key to ensuring that both clan play and public gaming was enjoyable and not dominated by 2-3 classes
  • Over 70 new audio FX for weapons, players, ambience, music, special fx and radio comms
  • More intensive anti-cheat protection
  • Experimental menu driven radio comms system (this has actualy been around since earlier versions, but we've firmed up it's use now)
  • Well with this being the 7th release of the beta, I am hoping it will not be to long before we have a "Stable" release.

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