HL Release Coming

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Subject: HL Release Coming

I caught a glimpse over at FortressCenter that Valve was looking to release another patch for Half-Life. Here is the information as listed on their site:

Half-life will be released early next week. The update contains three new Team Fortress scenarios, adjustments on two TF classes, in addition to a variety of new features and fixes.

  • New TF Scenarios:

    - Avanti
    Avanti challenges the offensive team to advance their flag to three successive capture points and conclude their run in the village cathedral, while the defense attempts to stall their efforts until time runs off the clock. The scenario takes place on the streets of an Italian village, with a wide variety of open spaces combined with tight corners and sniping positions.

    - Flag Run
    Flag Run requires cooperative teamplay as some units attempt to retrieve their flags from the enemy's base while other units ward off the opposing team's attempts to the same. Designed by Dave he scenario includes large, wide-open spaces in the center of the map with intricate base structures on either end.

    - Casbah
    Like Flag Run, Casbah challenges the opposing teams to guard and defend captured flags as they fight to retrieve their flags from enemy territory. Designed by Dave Johnston (cs_cbble, de_dust), Casbah promotes extremely fast-paced battles that can realize sharp momentum changes in no time at all.

  • New features and fixes include:

    - All map resources can be downloaded from the game server
    - Counter-Strike proxy cheat fixed
    - Linux security issue resolved
    - Pyro's burn damage increased
    - Heavy Weapons Guy's chaingun damage reduced
  • This looks like just a minor update patch but has some nice added features you may want to check out.

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