Q3F Beta 1F Released

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: Q3F Beta 1F Released

Well here is the most recent released of the Quake 3 Fortress Beta 1F. Here are the new additions to this release:

  • Many possible game-play styles including CTF, Command Point and Capture and Hold
  • Eighteen new maps including updated versions of several world famous levels
  • Sixteen Weapon Types, including eleven new to Quake 3
  • Ten Unique Player Classes each with specific strengths and abilities
  • Eight hand grenade types
  • Lots of new visual and audio special effects
  • Completely redesigned Heads Up Display
  • Tons of new models, artwork and sound effects
  • Over 100 new commands and cvars
  • $Var Communications geared to enhancing team-play
  • Real-time WAV communications allowing team-wide sounds
  • Fully documented, powerful custom and extended entities
  • Q3F game-play tweaked with the support of 40 clans world-wide
  • Q3F servers tested by of over 20 ISPs and Clans
  • This release requires Q3 Point Release 1.17, it will not work with 1.25. If you would like to check out the webpage. you can go here or just download it from here.

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