New HL Patch Takes A Step Back

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Subject: New HL Patch Takes A Step Back

An email has been sent out to server admins about some of the problems that are cropping up in the most recent patch of Half-Life. Here is the email describing the issues:

Several issues with HL 1104 have come to our attention and we wanted to make sure that the server admins know what steps we're taking to address the known issues. First, due to a mix-up with our version control software (totally our fault), we had a regression sneak into this build with respect to the status command. The code that printed out the user's IP address was inadvertently omitted from the 1104 source base. We'll be addressing this in a server-only release in the next week or so. Note that we're going to recheck all of the combined code as we've had unconfirmed reports of at least two other issues that appear to be regressions in the code base.
Well you can probably expect another patch real soon to fix these problems.

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