Eternal Arena 3.0 For Q3 Released

Posters Name: Squirre1
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Subject: Eternal Arena 3.0 For Q3 Released

Here is another update in the Eternal Arena MOD for Quake 3 taking it up to version 3.0. In this release you will find the folling features:

Latest features include:
  • Disabled the motion tracker
  • bugfix - server overflow caused by the motion tracker
  • Double knockback option
  • Triple-way plasma bombs
  • bugifx - Pipebombs firing at normal velocity
  • Progressive zooming
  • Disabled fast restarting so maps and gametypes can be changed in-
  • Instagib matches can now choose rails or
  • Eternal Options accessible from the main
  • Disable Health option
  • Disable Ammo option
  • Disable Armor option
  • Disable Powerup option
  • Disable Holdable option

    NEW pick n mix games - with new "game" options for you to create and customise a game to how you want to play it.
  • Instagib - choose rails or rockets for instant death
  • Haste - infinite haste for fast action
  • Lowgrav - for those who like to fly
  • Vampire - suck the life from your enemy by hurting him/her, and add it to your own
  • This looks to be a nice update to an already awsome MOD.

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