New MP Maps For RS

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Subject: New MP Maps For RS

Karma Map has released a awesome set of maps called Bad Karma Map Mods. In this set you will find the following bundles:

Navy Seal MapPak
A packet of maps based around U/S. Navy SEAL activity. MapPak includes: The Fog, Ship's Snipers, Hostage Ship, Conning Tower, The Abyss.

Die Hard MapPak
Skyscraper fun - penetrate the Tower, from the helipad to the basement. MapPak includes: Helipad, PeeWee's Playhouse, Bad Reception, Die Hard, Basement Blitz.

World War II MapPak
A packet of map mods based on World War II. MapPak includes: Hard Crossing, German Depot, German Snipers, Kelly's Heroes, Hitler's Bunker.

NORAD Invasion MapPak
Flashback to the Cold War. The Soviets invade NORAD Command at Cheyenne Mountain. This double MapPak includes: NORAD Maps 1 through 9.
Check these out if you are a Rogue Spear fan and drop a comment to let others know how they are.

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