PlannerBot For UT Released

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Subject: PlannerBot For UT Released

PlannerBot is a whole new leap in AI developement that was brought about as an undergraduate project. From this, Richard Antecki and Daniel Arena have released an awesome MOD for you UT fans out there. Here is a little breakdown on what is does:

  • Implemented as an Unreal Tournament modification, encompassing a completely new artificial intelligence system, and a new game-type.
  • Agents generate goals based on their current state and the state of the game world, and maintain plans based on the actions required to complete these goals. Agents can have their current actions interrupted by new goals multiple times and still remember to complete original tasks.
  • Agents possess mood which affects their decisions in interesting ways- a scared agent may flee from combat, an angry agent may instigate new combat, a happy agent may try and remain close to teammates for assistance.
  • Agents take into account their past experiences with other game entities when making decisions. Agents share their attitudes with allies - attacking an agent will affect the mood and attitude of all of that agent's affiliates. This leads to very interesting, subtle interactions. For example, an agent may build up a grudge against a single player over time and eventually devote all of their energy to hunting that player down, at the expense of their team goals or personal safety.
  • You can read more about it and see some screenshots at the PlannerBot WebSite.

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