Rune For The Mac Released

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Subject: Rune For The Mac Released

Mac is fighting to keep up with the game industry lately. Their most recent release in this battle is Rune. Here is some of the information on the Mac release:

  • 43 single player levels
  • 15 unique weapons including swords, axes and bashing weapons each with its own unique magic power that can be unlocked during play
  • Enhanced version of the Unreal Tournament engine which supports a skeletal animation system, a new particle effects system, new melee combat focused Artificial Intelligence (AI), an improved version of the Unreal Editor and an enhanced shadowing system
  • Multiplayer DeathMatch and Team DeathMatch modes
  • 21 different multiplayer characters for players to choose and use
  • Seven custom-built multiplayer levels
  • Five multiplayer mutator modes, including Low Gravity, No PowerUps, Fatboy, Reduced Damage, and Left-Handed
  • Customizable maplists and rule settings
  • Dozens of awesome creatures, each with their own custom AI created from a mixture of Viking mythology and the minds of Human Head Studios
  • Intuitive combat system allows player to alter types of attacks, take weapons from their defeated opponents and use their enemies' dismembered limbs as weapons
  • Visual inventory system and on-screen weapons display allows the character to see available weapons at a glance
  • Five distinctly different settings ranging from a Mountain Fortress, to the Deepest Cavern to the pits of Hell's domain
  • Macs are starting to pick up a little bit.

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