3Dfx Sells Out To NVidia

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Subject: 3Dfx Sells Out To NVidia

In an article over on Slashdot they said:

"This just came out, from Yahoo, 3Dfx has announced that they will be sold to NVidia as soon as the deal is approved by its shareholders. From the release, "After aggressively pursuing a wide range of options that take into consideration the interests of our creditors, our shareholders, our employees and our customers," said Alex Leupp, president and CEO, 3Dfx Interactive Inc., "we strongly believe that to reduce expenses, sell our assets and dissolve the company provides the highest return to our creditors, shareholders, and employees." I think we all saw this one coming. For more details, go to the press release." Actually, tossing in some details early is [hk]doogie, who writes: "Nvidia bought the patents, pending patent applications, trademarks, brand names, and chip inventory related to the graphics business of 3dfx. Get the full scoop that I have from [here]."
Not like we didn't know this was going to happen, but it was a little bit earlier than expected. Later 3Dfx

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